Leslie A. Krol, MA, LPC

Leslie specializes in working with trauma survivors (of all ages), integrating holistic and experiential approaches in her treatment. Leslie’s currently treats adults and couples who are working on improving their relationships, healing from trauma, and/or engaged in addiction and recovery, and provides treatment in English and Spanish.

Education and Experience

Leslie earned her Master of Arts in Counseling at Spring Arbor University, and is certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping). Leslie employs a holistic perspective, utilizing Mindfulness, Matrix Re-imprinting, Yoga principles, and other expressive techniques, taking a mind/body connection approach to treat and manage the stress response system. http://www.eftuniverse.com/faqs/about-eft-tapping-and-this-site#What

Leslie has background in providing in-home psychotherapy services and served as a crisis manager of a domestic violence shelter for women and children, developing and facilitating psycho-educational training, and providing counseling and support to those who were involved in the cycle of abuse. Leslie has developed English and Spanish curriculum for Stages of Change, Psychotherapy Process, Anger Management, and  Substance Abuse Treatment group, facilitating various groups seeking voluntary treatment or court ordered treatment in institutional and out-patient settings.

A Bit About Leslie

Leslie considers it an honor to walk with her clients through their pain, growth, setbacks and successes, acknowledging the courage it takes to develop trust and a feeling of safety. Leslie’s therapeutic approach is holistic, promoting a mind/body connection that goes beyond traditional talk therapy with the goal of experiencing and expressing powerful emotions that block positive change. Such interventions typically provide quicker and more long lasting healing and are characterized by “getting out of one’s head” and into the heart of change.

Discovery. Development. Direction.

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