Dr. Lawrence provides treatment to children beginning at age 10, adolescents, individual adults, and couples. Dr. Lawrence identifies as a rhetoric specialist and as a specialist in the treatment of at-risk youth, challenged emerging adults, and work with family units. Dr. Lawrence has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals and families in crisis and experiencing life transitions.




Dr. Lawrence is a limited licensed professional counselor and earned her bachelor’s in psychology from Oakland University where she also earned her Master’s in Counseling. Dr. Lawrence earned her Doctoral Degree in Communication Studies from Wayne State University. She has authored a number of peer reviewed publications and presented professionally by invitation in Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, and California. Her dissertation work of defining a protocol for understanding how family and community cohesion aids in passing along positive views of self, family, and community identify is being used by researchers in the United States and Africa to further understand how narrative is used to teach and maintain cultural markers.


Dr. Lawrence has served as a faculty member for Oakland Community College campuses in Southfield and Royal Oak, as an adjunct professor at Rochester College, and she is currently an adjunct faculty at Wayne State University. In addition to her work in academia, Dr. Lawrence has more than a decade of experience working with families in the juvenile justice system, foster care, and independent living with youth aging out of the foster care system.




Dr. Lawrence approaches her work with clients from a cognitive and behavioral approach and a systems perspective. She recognizes that each person’s personal journey, enculturation, family of origin, and lived experiences impact the lens through which an individual sees the world and how they fit into it. Dr. Lawrence uses a wide range of treatment options to meet the needs of each unique client and family system. She believes that each individual and family has the capacity to heal, grow, and change their lives for their own benefit.

Discovery. Development. Direction.

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