Childhood disorders can be divided into two primary categories — biological and behavioral.  Or these disorders may be a combination of both biological and behavioral problems. Biological disorders may be the result of a structural abnormalities which become noticeable through developmental problems, (i.e. learning disabilities, autism, etc.), or may be the result of neurochemical imbalances which may be seen as attentional or behavioral problems (i.e. ADHD).

Childhood Behavioral Disorders

Behavioral disorders can be described as stress, adjustment difficulties, and lack of effective coping skills. Both biological and behavioral disorders have an a poorly regulated emotional responses. Some childhood disorders become chronic (long-term, or lifetime), while others can be resolved.

Childhood Disorders That Benefit from Therapy

Children who have experienced a traumatic event may benefit from therapy, and children who may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms are likely to benefit from therapy:

  • Social maladjustment
  • Social anxiety / phobia
  • Separation anxiety
  • Obsessive-compulsive symptoms
  • General anxiety
  • Inattention or hyperactivity
  • Tearfulness, sadness, moodiness, withdrawal
  • Eating disorders / appetite problems
  • Sleep dysfunction
  • Self-harm, suicidal thoughts
  • Oppositional behavior
  • Anger / rage episodes
  • Aggressive / Destructive behavior
  • Behavioral acting out
  • Concern over trauma

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