Immediate Family Difficulty

Much like a marriage, a breakdown in a relationship with one or more members of your immediate family can be devastating. Intense sibling rivalries, parent/child conflicts, and issues with blended families and stepfamilies are just a few of the possible scenarios that lead to adversity, anxiety, stress, and irreparable harm, if not addressed.

There are a number of circumstances that might lead members of a family to counseling. They could include:

  • an impending divorce
  • fallout from a serious illness
  • a dramatic change in family financial status
  • an upcoming marriage that will blend two families
  • help coping with mental disorders among family members

Of course, these are simply a sampling of situations that families find themselves experiencing, but your reason for needing family counseling may be completely different.

Treating Family Problems

Taking the first step toward finding help is often difficult for people when dealing with the sensitivity and intimacy of family issues. At LifeLens Psychological and Counseling Services, our therapists are experienced at the delicate work of defusing tense situations. We have a proven history of helping the parties involved agree on goals for a more functional and cohesive family that uses new-found skills and communication to tackle problems. Because the nature of the family and their difficulties are unique, it is impossible to outline a one-size-fits-all treatment plan on a website. Instead, share your challenges and your goals with your LifeLens therapist and form a plan together.

Working with you to identify an effective approach to therapy is what we do best at LifeLens

Discovery. Development. Direction.

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