Daniel Wall, PhD, LP

For more than 30 years, Dr. Wall has worked with family members who have experienced significant disruption to the family unit, working with entire family units or members of families.

Education and Experience

Dr. Wall is a fully licensed clinical psychologist, whose dissertation work examined “The Impact of Family Dynamics on Psychological and Well-Being in Adult Adoptees.” Dr. Wall received training as a Certified Addictions Counselor, earned a Theology Diploma from Moody Bible Institute, a Bachelor’s degree from National College of Education, a Master’s degree from National-Louis University, and a doctoral degree from Walden University.

Dr. Wall has developed and managed short-term and long-term residential treatment programs for adolescents, Day Treatment programs, Supervised Independent Living programs, and community prevention programs for at-risk youth, all with a strong family emphasis. Dr. Wall has provided training in CBT and Reality Therapy treatment approaches, and has been involved in Christian ministry in various capacities.

A Bit About Dr. Wall

Dr. Wall approaches his work with clients from a bio-psychosocial approach and a systems perspective. He recognizes that each person’s biological makeup, family of origin, and various cultural and circumstantial dynamics all work together to influence perspective, emotional state, and behavior.

Dr. Wall employs an integrated treatment approach, using principles from a wide variety of treatment philosophies, tailoring his treatment to meet the unique needs presented by each individual and family with whom he works. He believes each person possesses the capacity to develop insight, make changes, and arrive at a point where life can become more satisfying and fulfilling.

Daniel Wall, PhD, LP

Discovery. Development. Direction.

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