Rachel provides therapy to teenagers, adults, and couples. Rachel empowers clients to begin the healing process and encourages them to reach their full potential. Rachel does this by integrating client centered, humanistic and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches to treat those who experience depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, and other emotional distress. Rachel creates a safe, non-judgmental space to talk about these issues.

Education and Experience

Rachel earned a bachelor’s degree in social work at Oakland University and completed her academic requirements for her master’s degree in social work at Capella and is currently fulfilling her internship requirements at LifeLens Counseling Services. Rachel’s experience includes providing case management services to adults experiencing depression, anxiety, and addiction struggles, and provided youth-oriented substance abuse prevention services, including grant writing for program development. Rachel also provides Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA) therapy for teens at an Autism treatment center.

A Bit About Rachel

Rachel works from an empathetic approach, where she empowers her clients and focuses on their strengths. Rachel uses a narrative approach allowing her clients to tell her their stories, as they are the experts of their lives. By working through a strengths-based approach and challenging negative thinking, clients are able to begin the journey to healing.

Discovery. Development. Direction.

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