Shawn P. Graham, MA, LPC, CAADC

Shawn works with a wide population range: children beginning at age 7, teens, adults, and couples in relationship counseling. Shawn works with a variety of disorders and is skilled at addressing the co-morbidity of mental health symptoms and addictions. Shawn integrates cognitive behavioral therapy, Gestalt Therapy treatment approaches, behavioral therapy approaches, Reality Therapy, meditation techniques, and relaxation techniques. When working with children, Shawn integrates therapeutic play approaches and cognitive behavioral approaches.

Education and Experience:

Shawn is a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor and received his Master of Arts in Counseling from Oakland University with two specializations, School Counseling and Career Counseling. Shawn put his interest in career development to practical use in a factory setting, implementing and maintaining safety standards, developing a behavioral motivation program for employees, and providing staff development. As an Addiction Specialist, Shawn provides individual and group therapy, and treats individuals with drug, alcohol, gambling, and sexual addictions, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and integrating some core principles from 12-step self-help approaches. Shawn has demonstrated effectiveness with individuals experiencing chronic physical illness, helping to provide life organization and coping skills.

A bit about Shawn

Shawn approaches therapy from a person-centered philosophy of unconditional positive regard (Rogerian foundation), creating an open environment for disclosing difficult matters. Shawn’s empathic and relaxed approach with clients allows them to discover their strengths and empowers them to make healthy choices. Shawn’s strategic use of Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which he integrates with approaches and techniques from other treatment philosophies, helps his patients make impactful life changes.

Discovery. Development. Direction.

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