Dr. Cheeks provides mental health treatment and works with children (age 6+), teens and adults providing individual, group, marriage, and family counseling. Dr. Cheeks integrates Gestalt therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Family System Counseling, and Recovery Oriented Therapy with a foundational philosophy of treating people holistically rather than through compartmentalization. Dr. Cheeks takes time to delve into historical experiences while assisting clients in living in the present.


Dr. Cheeks is a Limited License Professional Counselor and a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (DP-C). Dr. Cheeks earned his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from Wayne State University, and a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Counseling and Care from Ashland Theological Seminary (Ashland, OH). He earned a doctorate degree in ministry from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary (Detroit, MI), writing his dissertation on “How Should the Black Baptist Church Respond to The LGBTQ Community: Should They Be Inclusive or Exclusive?” Dr. Cheeks is an adjunct professor in the dual enrollment program at the Wayne County Community College, teaching psychology, sociology, philosophy, and ethics. Dr. Cheeks is the senior pastor of the New St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church where he has led community ministry development in male mentoring programs utilized by various childcare programs in Detroit. In addition to serving in the Armed Forces, Dr. Cheeks has a rich diverse background spanning 3 decades that includes the provision of financial services through the banking industry, work as a parole officer, and providing substance abuse treatment.


Dr. Cheeks’ goal as a counselor is to help clients define and describe problems specifically to help them live their lives in the present. He is a seasoned mental health professional, capable of effective interventions with people from diverse cultural, demographic, and socio-economic backgrounds. Dr. Cheeks’ approaches his clients with a balance between compassion and a candid discussion about the impact of past experiences and the development of personal empowerment to forge a fulfilling future. He is capable of seamlessly integrating faith-oriented principles into the counseling process upon request and is drawn to working with people who have experienced significant life challenges and relationship difficulties.

Discovery. Development. Direction.

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